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Network Integration

Your business can have all the tech toys in the world, but if they’re not working together, you’re missing the boat.

Consider us your anchor. We know how to design, upgrade, and expand business networks. Local area or wide area networks (LAN & WAN), hardline or WiFi, we’ve got you covered. Our infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources so your business productivity is maximized.

How do we do it?

With our proven five-step approach:

Step 1: Assessment
We start by testing your physical network wiring and infrastructure. We’re making sure it can withstand your company’s daily network usage and traffic, and if not, assessing what upgrades need to be made and the most cost-effective means to get there.

Step 2: Recommendation
Our team presents a recommendation plan covering the necessary hardware and software upgrades to configure your new, improved network. We’ll also recommend backup and power protection products and systems, workstation upgrades and/or reconfigurations, and ongoing network support options.

Step 3: Installation
All hands on deck! Here’s where it gets fun. Upgrades, configurations, compatibility, testing: we install and configure all the hardware and software you need to get your network up and running.

Step 4: Workstations
Whether you’re upgrading, replacing or networking your workstations, we’ll make sure you’re good to go. That includes the most up-to-date anti-virus protection, user login profiles, e-mail, and access to all necessary business applications. We’ll also make sure that all your non-PC (ok, we all know we mean Mac) workstations support your new system, too.

Step 5: ISA Signature® Network Support
We don’t believe in leaving you high and dry after installation. Interlink can provide training and ongoing technical support to keep your new network running smoothly. We’ll make budget-wise recommendations for your support package, so you get the help you need without wasting your department’s precious resource dollars.

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